Awesome Raw Breakfast!

Warning – I have overused the word ‘awesome’ in this post – I just couldn’t help it – I’m just feeling ‘it’ today!! I hope a little rubs off on you if you’d like a little extra ‘yay’ in your day! With love and winter sunshine… Kerry

This is one of my most regular breakfast requests from my body – change where your body requests – and enjoy!:

I squeeze the juice of one whole fabulous orange, then add around a heaped dessertspoon of chia seeds to it, stir and let that start soaking while I do the rest – if I have them (and I generally do) I add around a spoon full each of gogi berries and sultana’s to allow them to absorb in the orange juice a little bit as well. Then I grab whatever I have – lately it’s been papaya, banana and pears. I grate the pear and chop the others. Every now and then I stir the chia/berry mix. I then add my fruit choices to the mix, and gently mix… I sing a little and – probably in a very uncool fashion – ooh and ahh over how magnificent the fruit is… nature’s magic is sooo simple for us to enjoy… And then if I’m really excited I do a little happy jig! (I told you it was possibly uncool – however – it is perfectly Divine to me!) Besides – I’m sure this amplifies the magic in all I’m about to take into my body!

Amongst many things, apparently, I’m also known as a tahini head – I just love the stuff – and it brings awesome amounts of calcium into my body.. love, love, love it! I’ve already decided that if some crazy thing happens – like – someone decides they’ve discovered tahini is actually no good for us – I will happily continue consuming this sesame seed nectar… my body says it is fabulous – and my body I trust! (I now know the difference between my wellness voice and the ‘other’ not-real-food voice… which rarely gets a say anymore as my body is stronger and better every time I make loving, genuine choices for it – cravings for crap are just about zero!!) Anyway, more on that another time! So, back to breakfast… I would say you could drizzle tahini on if you like – I somewhat gushingly pour it over the beautiful little mountain of life force giving fruit. If I have fresh young coconut flesh I’ll add some of that – if not I generally have dry coconut in the fridge (keeping it fresh), and will sprinkle that over my concoction.
Finish with some proper yoghurt if you like (by that I mean it is organic and full of gut fabulous bacteria – plain and simple – no added crap. I make my own which I find so easy and somewhat better than anything else for me personally – because I’ve imbued it with a good culture and good energy that gives back to me 10 fold – I’ll teach this one in my ‘Nutrition with Intuition’ workshops). I don’t use yoghurt every time, just when it ‘feels’ right for me to use. This ‘feeling‘ your food way does become easier with practise!
Mix it if you like, love it if you can, consume it with a little jig of joy! Delicious!

Note – my body even asks for this through most of Winter now! Who would’ve thought! Not every day, but many, many of them – and I take myself out to the garden as often as possible to eat and connect further with nature’s awesomeness!


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