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To experience the luxurious benefits
of eKoo, find us weekly at:

Barossa Farmer’s Market
The Market Shed
Plant 4 Bowden
Follow our social media to see when we’re popping up!

Can’t make it to a market?

Here are our beautiful stockists – we love being supported by people with wonderful places and spaces to appreciate some of our artisan offerings and earthly delights! Check them out and love them up! ‘Please contact us for product details if you feel eKoo aligns with your company’s philosophies, beauty & authenticity’

Via Nova Shoes

Prospect, South Australia
(Our organic eKoo skincare, Tea’s and Chai spice are all in stock. Just near the new cinema with easy parking in front or more out the back)

Poetic Justice Cafe

Gawler, South Australia
(Yogi Chai Spice is on the menu! Now stocking all eKoo teas in our cafe – with lovely packs available for you to enjoy at home.)

Sirocco Organics

Tusmore, South Australia
Ph: (08) 8364 4880
(Beauty treatments using eKoo Skincare are available – as well as our beautiful products for purchase)

Gourmet Goodies

online store
(eKoo tea range can be ordered through their website)

Meraki SoulCafé

Ardrossan, South Australia
(eKooherbal tea range is for sale)

Salt of the Earth Café

Port Wakefield, South Australia
(All herbal teas and Yogi Chai Spice – both on menu and for sale, as well as our ‘Graceful Age’ range of skincare)

Organic Box

online store
(Complete eKoo range can be ordered through organic box)

Earth and Fire

Woodside, South Australia
(All herbal teas for sale, soon to be aromatherapy and skincare as well)

Barista Sista Beanery

Nurioopta, South Australia
(Enjoy eKoo Chai and Herbal Infusions)

Alchemy Café

Gawler, South Australia
(Herbal teas and chai are for sale, chai is usually on the menu!)

“Fabulous nurturing products that will uplift your body and spirit. I am an absolute convert. Thank you!!” Kathryn


‘Still have some questions…? These FAQ’s may help – and of course you can contact us (Kerry and her team). We’re real people – like you – and understand that sometimes we just need to know a dash more first!’

An opportunity.. .to be all of who you are now. I do this with whatever is valid in the moment for you. Often this involves time with me to connect, question, answer and have the next key for your adventure. Most often, you would also be on my massage table for some time to recognise, surface, cleanse and clear the old stuff you no longer need – the kind of ‘stuff’ that is currently holding you back from where you truly want to be now. We all naturally and cellularly change from that moment on – and finish with the Divine balance and energy for you to go and do your thing!

Yes – usually this happens naturally by invitation. If you have something in mind you feel I can help with, teach or facilitate, simply contact us. You can only ask (trust your feelings if you have an urge!), and – if I to resonate with your invitation or idea – I will likely come and create change and joy with you and your very cool vision!

Yes – there are a variety of subjects I teach and ways I do this. Check out check out my one on one page as well as any current workshops for my regular offerings. If you have a custom idea in mind – please do contact us as I’m very open to individual requests perfect in the moment! Being a clear channel, generally attuned to the current changes and focuses for our Universe in the now…I understand creating accordingly!

My consulting and healing space is away from the hustle and bustle, one hour North of Adelaide. Many of my clients love coming out and enjoying the space during their journey (great to reflect and assimilate), as well as the beautiful, loving space I Rose Cottage is kind of like a little retreat from ‘everything’. For some though – they appreciate me coming to them in and nearby Adelaide. I happily do this, when it feels right for all concerned. I’m only out on specific days so I can be effective in my time and locations. I don’t charge extra if you’re within my travel radius.

YES! 100% natural…. Authentically. Everything is on the labels. And organic – in some cases 100%. In all other cases – so close to 100%. Some things just have not been certified on the planet! These include our zinc powder, natural vitamin E and plant based emulsifying wax. When or if these ever become available certified, no doubt we’ll grab them!

“eKoo will not use ‘nature identical’, or any other similar term for something that I feel has been adulterated, copied or changed from natures intelligence and natural chemistry! That’s why I use herbal extracts for vitamins and minerals, rather than lab derived vitamin additives – whether they are declared as natural or not!”

Our ‘ekoo ethics’ say a lot for where we come from – here is a little more insight into the making of our Divine skincare creations:

  • Hand made fresh for demand, preserved naturally, intelligently (no factory’s, no warehouse storage, no waste)
  • Using only authentic natural & certified organic ingredients
    (we avoid over manipulated ‘natural’ ingredients!)
  • Every ingredient has a natural, balanced & beneficial purpose
    (absolutely no synthetic/nature identical chemicals!)
  • eKoo contains many of the most valued organic ingredients available
    (in true quantities – regardless of expense!)
  • Energised for specific purpose with the Divine & Mother Earth (offering genuine vibrational change for both people & planet – we create with consciousness!)
  • We guarantee our products – for both quality and happiness! Love them – or let us know!

Yes – we don’t need animal ingredients to be beautiful and nourished. It’s simply unnecessary!
I also check that the ingredients I source are cruelty free, not just the end product I offer you. The only testing I was consciously willing to do – was with those consciously willing to test out my beautiful creations! Thank you to the very first of the ranks – my friends and family! And the rest is history!.. (ok –there is one animal – my dog doesn’t mind a massage from time to time after his flea treatment with some essential oils!)

Hmmm… in a way – but better. I am an educator in all things to further our health, wellbeing, personal and planetary empowerment. Therefore, I can’t help but teach at every opportunity. So -no two workshops are ever quite the same. As I let everyone experience the eKoo range, which is beautiful and fun for all involved (unless they’re particularly grumpy and don’t like my humour! ????), I interweave knowledge, experience, intuition and fun amongst our gatherings. I have useful handouts for everyone to take home as well. I don’t ‘push’ to sell – I let my products sell themselves naturally throughout the beautiful, authentic experience. I’m also not attached to an outcome over the simple opportunity to inspire people’s lives with love and authenticity. The rest just flows as a result! I also get inspired to keep creating eKoo from such gatherings – as I see the joy and results time and time again and meet wonderful, colourful people!

‘Ahhh… this is a good question! And the answer is both yes and no. I predominately work with women – yet- through this work, we are all positively affected. As we heal and reveal ourselves as the true incredible women we are – we inspire the change for all those around us – men, women, children, plants, animals, planet, universe… you get the picture! The reason I predominately work with women directly – well it’s mostly because I’m good at both being and understanding the feminine in us women. I’ve been doing my work for a long time and there came a time where I decided to really hone my focus and expertise. I have witnessed the healing of my own relationship with the masculine in its many forms as well – the more I loved, healed, allowed and honoured my own feminine. It simply makes sense to me. I LOVE working with women!
On saying that – when it feels right – I do take on male clients. When it feels that I am what they need to facilitate their next step.

Personally – I feel a whole woman regardless of external circumstances – a full feminine expression with the masculine polarity. I am committed to planet balance with our feminine/masculine and I LOVE this Divine, feminine source I offer to all who desire on our amazing planet!’

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