Our Vision

We inspire women to love themselves fully and unequivocally.


We create the very best authentic, pure and effective

skincare products on the planet.


We are committed to organic and humane principles,

in harmony with our planet’s intelligence.


We honour truth and integrity in our business practices.


We keep it real; we are a way of life.


Inspired by true heartspace, ‘Kerry Cleopatra’ was created to enrich the lives of women who possess an innate and often unexplainable desire to be a part of this incredible change taking place on our planet.

Through ancestral wisdom, continual growth and leading by example, we gather and support one another through events, workshops, retreats and uniquely magical one on one sessions with Kerry herself. We are committed to creating opportunities for the divine feminine within each woman – to feel nourished and adored to the very essence of her being.

Our Founder, Kerry

Kerry’s devout connection to the soul of our earth has her led to experience greatly expanded awareness, harsh challenges and liberating growth, resulting in a life nothing short of true authenticity. Her unwavering passion has grown from deeper knowledge of our human existence and the innate, awesome potential within each human being.

Throughout the years, Kerry has focused as a Divine, Angel and Medical Intuitive, and Women’s Self-Empowerment coach, teacher and mentor. She now brings through the current, glorious feminine source with the soul intention for whole self-recognition, purpose and honour, founded on love.

The true vision is to create a balanced and harmonious feminine / masculine energy on our sacred Mother Earth.

Kerry is also a Professional Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, offering intuitive and evidence based science for nutrition as medicine. See our events page for any upcoming workshops, retreats and delicious gatherings!

“My passion for teaching and assisting the well being and balance of ourselves, our living planet and all that is – is just who I am! Although I’ve studied, listened, learnt and taught for many years (who’s counting?) – my greatest understandings and offerings are given from my own experience in being, living and connecting with the greatest wisdom that is available to us all… when we listen and receive with grace.”

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