Take 5 to check..how’s your weather!?..

I’m loving the spontaneity of weather… it can overheat you one day; have you grabbing for a throw rug the next; we’re unsure what to wear when four seasons bless one day; we can’t quite abandon all Winter or Spring ways – yet are compelled to be prepared for the sudden hot dry runs – running around the garden to see where we need to nurture this year; sun protection; extra water for everyone and everything we’re responsible for – then we find ourselves pulling on a warmer coat as things cool down again! Arthur or Martha weather patterns…

How’s your inner weather? More often than not – it’s some what in line with Mother Earth’s patterns. The changing seasons encourage different processes within us and being aware of them can help us navigate our way through with a little more acceptance and ease. Why do I love this? Well – it helps me know what’s likely reflecting from within me – what I can expect as I am consciously aligned with Mother Earth. It can be interesting when at times we seemingly have such unpredictable weather! This is a time to be even more open to change and adapt where necessary – swim, paddle, kick (scream!?), cleanse and wade our way through as needed (and sometimes just surrender to the great flow of change! Ahhh!) Admittedly – I wouldn’t love such prolific change all the time! I do appreciate steady, somewhat more consistent times, however – as we all do – I have a choice here. I can lose myself completely to the outer extremities and inner blending of just about every emotion… or – I can embrace such an awesome opportune time for us all! I’ve chosen the latter and I’m still amongst it! I navigate my way through my own storms, currents, blocks, flows, adventures and total Zen peace moments with core tools such as these:

Firstly – I make a calming cup of tea…

Secondly – I drop judgement. This is the most important point overall. To understand the depth of what I suggest here may take some quiet contemplation (which I highly recommend as a daily practise) Judging you, judging me, judging anything or anyone – this may have it’s place when in the spirit of ‘feeling intuitively’ what is right or not for you in any given moment. That’s not really a ‘judgement’ perse – more of an enquiry into yourself and what is right for you in that moment. We need to ‘judge’ (or ascertain) whether a situation is safe or not, etc. Such as ‘that water is too hot for my skin’ or ‘that person is projecting a lot of anger toward me and I choose to step away now’. That’s useful judgement/discernment. The damaging judgement is that toward ourselves or others in a critical way. Whether you’re judging yourself or another in this way – always indicates a pain/fear within you – always! It’s taking the opportunity to turn your judgement into this awareness that will help heal you from the inside out.
Many wise man say ‘What you see in another you have in yourself’. Many have confused this statement (a bit like the many misinterpretations of the many bibles!) For example: If I were to judge a person always eating junk food and complaining they’re depressed – this does not mean I too have that specific situation within me – however – somewhere within me I would ascertain I have pain I am still suppressing somehow (maybe I do it differently, but it’s there still!). I know first hand – when I observe a person in any situation with any expression that rises from fear (as opposed to love) – then that is what I carry within me. How my fear manifests may look different on the outside – but it is fear none the less. And of course – when I observe others with genuine compassion – it shows me genuine love within me. This is still a judgement – just a ‘more acceptable’ and nicer feeling one. I decided recently, unequivocally, that – whatever I carry within me – I now choose to love me amongst it all. I embrace my ‘shadow side’ (phew… what a relief!) – knowing I can continue to grow and change as I choose and focus. There are inner weather fluctuations within me still – but more often than not now (through daily awareness/intention) – I feel neutral.

This is a process and one I am hoping you may choose to integrate further into who you already are – which in truth is Divine love to your very core! You are a beautiful adventure and expression of life just as you are and you can choose to be more of the parts of you that you ‘ascertain’ to be beneficial to you now – in this very moment. You can choose to shift, shake, drop, change or let go of anything you now choose does not serve you… lovingly. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Emotional pain comes from fear and is fuelled by judgement. I encourage you to drop the judgement and try instead to be a neutral observer of self and life. Love does heal all. Love yourself brilliantly, love yourself even if you must cry, scream or run… acknowledge, release, love and love again.

Thirdly – well I’ve already said it actually… LOVE YOURSELF! LOVE LOVELOVE! Got that one? There are no more excuses – I love you, Mother Earth loves you, the moon, the stars, the sun and the universe totally loves you – just as you are now. We all know it! The great bits, the gorgeous bits, the broken bits, the shaky bits – your anger, your judgement, your pissed off-ed-ness, your warped parts, your really good and really strange dance moves, your strength, your candour, your excuses, your bad hair days, your sore belly, your tears, your pain, your glory, your victimhood, your victories! All of it – every single bloody bit! You’re human, you’re spirit, you’re an adventurer on this profound planet of freewill! That takes guts in it self – it is such a blessing to be alive and awesome with you… just as we are!! Love yourself now, just as you are – you will naturally want to change what you feel no longer serves or resonates with the whole you now! Choose and move through your changes with LOVE… love… LoVe and more LOVE..

Fourthly – embrace change – it will happen anyway! We all like fresh water, fresh food, fresh air… so here’s to fresh ‘being’- fresh you! No change is boring really – and only a good blue cheese grows well with stagnancy – the rest is rotting! Which way are you going to take? How do you choose to ride the waves? How do you choose to float in the still moments? Which direction do you choose to head in? You may as well choose consciously (your subconscious will also change and catch on along the way). YOU may as well choose your wave – they’re coming in often and ride it as you will – much better than taking the beating of natures ebb and flow in denial or fear! Sooooo much better – often awesome! Also – be prepared to crash – that’s how we get really good at surfing the true bliss of the magical life! Change, renew, live now, live fully!

Fifthly – I know that’s probably not a true word, however – just thought I’d mention this tip for when you may get discouraged or lost – we all do! Always know – you can ‘firstly’ (make another cup of tea!) – then refer to ‘secondly, thirdly and fourthly!’ ; 0
Lastly for now – I offer you a love mantra to add to your magical life…

“I am all that I am”

See if it serves you as lovingly as it has me. Feel it and understanding may further unfold within you – peace and humour may further bless you and express from you. All around you may become even more magic and profound than it is right now in this very moment…

I see you… “ I am all that I am, I thank you, I love you, namaste”

Enjoy, Embrace, Connect, Love,


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