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Ready to embark on a wildly passionate love affair with the richly vibrant, self-empowered, authentically beautiful YOU?!

Join our tribe of self-honouring women and contribute to the powerful healing taking place on our sacred planet.

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The expansion of woman, of the feminine, is here and now- and you and I are a part of it- we are real women.

“She is a mother, she’s had some setbacks, likely some trauma that she’s had to come back from.

She’s not quite sorted – still finding elements of herself – or at least – finding how to put all the pieces she chooses to keep – together again.

She’s resilient, yet vulnerable – her vulnerability is mostly because she cares about herself, and the world around her – and it has proven to be a tough time at times – actually – downright shitty and ugly. But the truth is inside her still – the light varies from the dim of retreat – to the brightness that she truly feels and believes in.  Her shine is apparent, even if somewhat jaded – really – she is a believer – if at the very least – in herself.

Underneath all the bullshit, lies her everpresent and true faith – even if it has no name, no set cause nor religion – it’s the knowing all us women are born with, and will not die without.

We are woman. We are one with each other and all that is.

We are the sisterhood that steps up again – we step fully into our lives – ready to shine, prosper, be beautiful, be brilliant – and – be all that we are.

The expansion of woman, of the feminine, is here and now – and you and I are part of it – we are real women.”

-Kerry Cleopatra

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