The Truth of Confidence

Confidence is a result of your inner self. It is purely and eternally based on how you feel about yourself. That is the only true place for its resonance. Anything other than confidence as a result of your inner radiance, is purely short lived, transient, and not in your control. Confidence is beyond words – they are but momentary. Someone’s passing compliment is momentary, and not a reliable source for you to base your happiness, resonance and personal confidence on! Although, both giving and receiving compliments is nice, is important, and is part of being a generous human, it is not enough to maintain an internal flame – the glow so to speak. Only – and there is no other way – it is only when you truly come to acceptance of yourself, that you can come to a more lasting, consistant, steady internal vibration.

This acceptance will evolve/result in self-love and inner-peace. This is where true confidence flourishes! Only then, do you own it and shine from it. In this state of acceptance, when another gives you a compliment, it feels pleasant – different to the ego need and often relief that we’re recognised, appreciated, loved, beautiful, etc. Compliments remain an important part of humanity’s grace and whilst humanity is shifting and raising its conscious understanding of self and all that is – compliments will have their place. Genuine, deep felt, and therefore deeply given, compliments, are a mirror of the givers state of internal grace. One can not genuinely give what one does not have. That is like asking water to pour from an empty vessel. Impossible (in physical terms so to speak).

For a moment, sit with the paradigm of self acceptance. Let go of taught understanding of this for just a moment. Self acceptance is really sitting in the heart of who you are right now – it is not what you think you should be, intend to be or have been told you should be. It is exactly as you are now. Trust that if this feels uncomfortable and you have resistance (whether mind or physical clutterings of your sitting moment), that is ok – because that is where you are at right now. True grace is not in the perceived perfection of who you are or should be. True grace is in acceptance of all that you are right now – right now in this moment! Sit with this and come back in another moment to read on. Simply sit without opinion…

For some of us we would recognise this truth in acceptance, feeling it deeply, nourishing us with joy and Godness. For some we cannot understand it just yet – it matters not which you feel – it matters that you accept how you feel. There is no more or less of anyone, unless there is self-judgement.

I ask you now – how can you wish for others to understand you, accept you or even love you fully? If you do not or they do not feel this way in themselves as well, where can this grace come from? It can only truly change in your life – with you. This is where you have choice (or control, whichever you feel comfortable with – neither is a dirty word – it’s how you use and understand your choices and control in your life that matters). Taking control in your life (as opposed to your surroundings which you really cannot control!) is taking self-responsibility. Deciding on your direction, your focus, your right to personal freedom, is your responsibility and God-given right! You do not need to fight for it – become your own personal dictator! Trust your feelings as to where you choose to say yes or no. Of course, like you would hope for around you – be kind, be grace, be gorgeous for yourself. I believe all humans like to feel gorgeous, yes?!

Start from accepting where you are right now, no judgement, total acceptance (it’s not going to change with denial now is it?) If you would like to feel or experience differently, then choose differently. There are so many wonderful people sharing truth and freedom on Earth – find and be where you resonate. Do not compare – this is self-defeating. Do not negatively judge – this is self-defeating. Start by recognising your inner light. Every person walking on this Earth has some! Yes – every person!

Mind your personal self, that’s your business. Whether a compliment or negative projection comes your way – it’s only your business should you choose to make it so? Let’s simply start with forming a deep self-acceptance relationship with yourself. Allow your time and journey here. Remember – what you focus on grows. Feel yourself – hold great love, respect and compassion. Take the time often for sitting with yourself. It’s like exercising a muscle – use it or lose it. I feel you are worth not losing?! I feel you are of great value for being all of who you are – that’s what you’re here for – that and that alone! Anything else is simply there to add to your great adventure of self!

Confidence comes from self-acceptance. That’s it, it’s that simple. That’s the truth.

Love and great resonance to you and all.”

From he who shall remain nameless – “I am not separate from you, we are one”


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